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The Search for the Truth[edit | edit source]

Things are not always as the seem. A clichè, yes--but for Jade, Hero of Beyond Good & Evil, this is even truer than for most denizens of Hillys, a peaceful mining planet in System Four. Vague, unsettling visions are causing Jade to question her very origins.

The Hyllian citizenry, too, is pondering the nature of the "truth". This once-secure world continues to suffer the relentless attacks of a brutal alien race known as the DomZ. Protection offered by an interplanetary mercenary force, the Alpha Sections, has been less satisfactory of late. Hundreds of mysterious disappearances have left the populace fearful.

Worse, there are growing suspicions, fueled by the shadowry rebel organisation known as the IRIS Network, that perhaps the Alpha Sections are not what they seem, either. Are they in cahoots with the DomZ? Soms people think so. It's up to Jade and her trusty camera to provide photographic evidence that confirms or denies the Alpha-DomZ link.

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